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We’re honestly not a peacocking brand, however we know that it’s only right that we keep you up to speed regarding what’s happening in our fast-flowing world.  It may be access to a short article, a freshly scanned press cutting, a new listing or an impromptu interview. Whatever it is, we promise to keep our coverage pithy & pertinent and certainly wouldn’t expect you to hang around any longer than was mildly interesting.

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Interview: Prettygreentea (5th August 2022)

Prettygreentea is a blog committed to tracking down intriguing great brands of tomorrow.   In today’s Behind the Biz interview I’m chatting with Energy One …

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The Successful Founder

Interview: The Successful Founder (3rd August 2022)

The Successful Founder prides itself on unearthing ambitious underdog founders so we were chuffed to see that Marion was tracked down!   As one might …

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Food Navigator

Trade Press: Food Navigator (4th July 2022)

No-one understands the latest UK/Global food trends better than the wise owls at Food Navigator.   This July, high-caffeine power drink Energy One launch in …

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Talented Ladies Club

Interview: Talented Ladies Club (17th June 2022)

The Talented Ladies Club blog resonates with successful female founders with a consistent track record of success. Fantastic that Marion got the call!   Find …

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Trend Hunter

Trade Press: Trend Hunter (14th June 2022)

Trend Hunter is one of the world’s leading online new product trend directories, so a honourable mention is like winning a BAFTA and a Premiership …

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Retail Times

Trade Press: Retail Times (8th June 2022)

Retail Times is yet another leading voice within the UK’s blossoming food & drink scene.   This July sees high-caffeine power drink Energy One launch …

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