An energy drink of real substance


An energy drink of real substance

For most of us life is frenetic 24-7 and whilst a majority of times we remain in the driving seat, there are also moments when it’s good to take stock and reach out for a little help.

Energy One is a smooth-tasting, B-vitamin rich (B3,B5,B6 & B12) power drink, crafted using clear Alpine spring water, that delivers a handy caffeine hit but without the curious metallic taste, which may or may not have something to do with our proud Swiss ties .

Whether you are heading towards or away from a gym, have a big meeting on the horizon, just feeling a tad rundown and need a lift or need to concentrate a little harder on a key task, Energy One can be your go-to energy lift.    

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About Energy One

From Day One we’ve set out to create an energy drink that tackled fatigue but without the overt and inane in-your-face imagery that surrounds so many of the industry stalwarts.

We champion a simple, no-nonsense energy drink with a straightforward ‘tackling tiredness’ agenda that appeals to more discerning energy drink enthusiasts. No hype, no excruciating marketing fluff or false dawn promises, just great taste meets enviable energy boost plus beneficial vitamins.

– Marion Barnaby (co-founder Energy One)


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We’re a young brand finding its way so would welcome any opportunity to chat with our vibrant, fledgling fanbase. Don’t be shy, we know that you’re itching to say something.