Trade Press: Industrial News (8th February 2023)

50 calories per can Energy One Lite arrives in the UK

The Energy One story enters its second phase this February with the eagerly anticipated arrival of its lite variant that will weigh in at only a miserly 50 calories per 250ml can.

The release meets and exceeds the growing demand for energy drinks with reduced sugar formats, the brand said.

Driven by Marion Barnaby and Peter Knoflach, two leading lights within European motorsport, Energy One seeks to meet all the essential needs of a great tasting, well-engineered energy drink (tackling fatigue, improved focus & enhanced alertness) courtesy of being packed with four beneficial B vitamins (B3, B5,B6 & B12) and a superior blend of spring water and syrup to ensure a clean, sharp taste and none of the unappetising metallic aftertaste that hinders so many of the leading lights within the energy drinks fixture.

According to Energy One co-founder: ‘The speed with which Energy One has secured global traction in established energy drinks markets as diverse as Austria, Hong Kong and Germany is nothing short of miraculous, with another eight to nine markets close to sign-off.

“Here in the UK Energy One has secured its first partner, Valli, a forward-thinking forecourt operator who sees the significant opportunity associated with being an ‘early adopter’ of a young category disruptor promoting cleaner taste and a stylish Lite variant.

Energy One sees itself as an energy drink with added depth, which helps explain why it proactively champions The Racing Heroes Charity with a constant donation per can endorsement.

Energy One Lite RRP £1.35 per 250ml can

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