Trade Press: Just Drinks (17th June 2022)

Energy One targets health-conscious millennials with UK launch


Energy drinks brand Energy One is to make its UK debut later this month.

The beverage – already sold in Canada and Germany – is aimed at a millennial audience, with an unspecified donation from every can sold being made to the Racing Heroes programme. The programme aims to build the confidence of wounded and disabled veterans by enabling them to take part in motorsports.

“We wanted to create a brand with a trusted flavour profile and energy output, but with a personality that was distanced from the abrupt and abrasive imagery championed by today’s incumbent offerings,” said the brand’s co-founder Marion Barnaby.

In the UK, demand for energy drinks is on the rise, according to figures from GlobalData. In 2021, the category’s sales were worth US$3.01bn and are set to reach US$4.06bn by 2027. The segment is predicted to have a ten-year compound annual growth rate of 5.12%.

GlobalData senior beverage analyst Chloe Gbadero said the launch of Energy One tapped into a wider trend of energy drinks aimed at a health-conscious consumer. “Since emerging from the pandemic, consumers are looking for ways to increase energy levels and decrease mental fatigue; thus driving the demand for new and innovative energy drinks,” she said.

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