Trade Press: Convenience Store (10th June 2022)

Vitamin-filled Energy One drink targets millenials


This July sees high-caffeine power drink Energy One launch in the UK.

The British-manufactured drink has Swizz roots and contains four essential B-vitamins (B3,B5,B6 & B12). Energy One has the “familiar energy drink tang” but is free from the harsh metallic aftertaste that the brand claims dominates some of its competitors. The drink is available in Original and Lite variants with a ballpark RRP of £1.25 for a 250ml can.

For every can sold, Energy One will make a donation to the Racing Heroes programme, which involves building up the confidence of wounded and disabled veterans by enabling them to take part in motorsports. The brand hopes that its focus on helping others will appeal to its target audience of millenials.

Co-founder Marion Barnaby says: ‘We wanted to create a brand with a trusted flavour profile and energy output, but with a personality that was distanced from the abrupt and abrasive imagery championed by today’s incumbent offerings. With an older, more discerning demographic in mind we were determined to ensure that there was sincere strand of corporate social responsibility rippling through our brand, which helps explain why every 250ml can sold (original or lite) results in a donation being made to the Racing Heroes cause. This reaches out via motorsport to both the disabled and wounded veterans, getting them to get involved in motoring projects with able-bodied peers, full-on initiatives that slowly/thoughtfully help build their self-esteem whilst creating pathways back to full-time employment.”

With “encouraging early doors sales” in Canada and Germany already under its belt, the drink is making its UK debut on July 22 where it hopes to make a significant splash.

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