Energy One Powerdrink: Proud main sponsor of the triumphant return of Fightnight Wil 2023

Energy One Powerdrink – Proud Main Partner of the Triumphant Return of Fightnight Wil 2023

With the exciting recent introduction of Energy One Powerdrink to Switzerland, the first promotional partnership event has recently place with huge success.

Wil, October 28th, 2023 – After four long years of anticipation, the time had finally come: Fightnight Wil with the ALL 4 ONE fight series celebrated its spectacular comeback on October 28th, 2023, and Energy One was the proud main sponsor of this outstanding event.

The longing for high-class martial arts was palpable when almost 1,400 enthusiastic spectators filled the hall, which was sold out to the last seat.

The event began with impressive fights between a vast age range of newcomers and progressed over the course of the evening to semi-professionals and professionals. The fights were not only intense, but always at eye level and the hall shook with every outstanding action. The spectators were visibly enthusiastic about the outstanding performances of the fighters. Despite the heated fights, everyone involved always maintained respect and fairness before and after the duels.

The two international professionals brought the crowning conclusion to a successful fight gala. One of the fighters travelled from Albania specifically to compete against his opponent from the legendary Mikes Gym in Holland. The fight was world class from start to finish.

Energy One Powerdrink would like to take this opportunity to thank all of Fightsport Wil’s helpers for their tireless support. Without such a strong team in the background, it would not have been possible to organize such an event.

Fightnight Wil 2023 was not only a triumph for martial arts, but also a testament to collaboration and support through strong partnerships. Energy One Powerdrink is proud to have been a part of this outstanding sporting event. The energy created by the fighting spirit and community accurately reflected the values that Energy One Powerdrink embodies as a brand.

We look forward to more exciting events and continuing the success story together.

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