Interview: Prettygreentea (5th August 2022)

Prettygreentea is a blog committed to tracking down intriguing great brands of tomorrow.   In today’s Behind the Biz interview I’m chatting with Energy One co-founder Marion Barnaby. This summer, Energy One are set to shake up the high-caffeine drinks market with their UK launch. The line-up includes; Original and Lite, Both are packed with […]

Interview: The Successful Founder (3rd August 2022)

The Successful Founder

The Successful Founder prides itself on unearthing ambitious underdog founders so we were chuffed to see that Marion was tracked down!   As one might imagine, energy drinks is a fast-moving and frenetic marketplace packed with instantly recognizable category stewards and a constant slew of fast-moving new arrivals. Whilst sports drinks lost their way during […]

Interview: Talented Ladies Club (17th June 2022)

Talented Ladies Club

The Talented Ladies Club blog resonates with successful female founders with a consistent track record of success. Fantastic that Marion got the call!   Find out what inspired former motorsport manager for Porsche Cars GB, Marion Barnaby to launch energy drink Energy One. Where did the idea for Energy One come from? Clearly we can’t […]