A Good Cause

We’re ardent believers in ‘Caring Capitalism,’ in other words giving back to the wider society in which we operate.

Marion & Peter’s strong motorsport ties meant it made perfect sense to forge stronger ties with Peter’s Racing Heroes cause, which reaches out via motorsport to both disabled and able-bodied war veterans; immersing both men & women in ambitious motoring projects that slowly rebuild bruised confidence and wavering self-esteem, whilst providing a meaningful pathway back to full-time employment.

For every can sold, £0.02p goes to our sister company Racing Heroes


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Global Reach

Without wanting to look or sound like a James Bond villain, we thought you might like to see a world map that highlights where the Energy One word has spread to and where encouraging discussions are afoot. Of course, the bigger focus of this website is our blossoming UK footprint, however we didn’t think it would hurt to underline that we’re a young brand with big global ambitions.

Get In Touch

We’re a young brand finding its way so would welcome any opportunity to chat with our vibrant, fledgling fanbase. Don’t be shy, we know that you’re itching to say something.


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